Thursday, April 7, 2016

Check out the new blog

Our new blog is at District 1 Blog.

This remains our archive.

Monday, March 7, 2016

New District 1 website!!

We are happy to announce that we have launched our new website at a new address - This new site is not completely populated on all its pages, but our old website was no longer functional and we (happily) discovered that people were needing the information on it. So we have moved ahead with the launch and are using it more effectively.

As a part of this new website, we will also transition to a new blog that is better integrated with the site - and with the way we need to do our work. We will have new pages for our major projects, and for our youth work. We also hope that everyone finds it easier to use and more attractive. The calendar will be easier to use and find opportunities to be involved in the neighborhood. Updates to the resources will be coming soon.

So please bookmark our new site, visit it often, use it as you need it, and let us know what you think!!

Again, Cheers to you all and thanks to neighbor Patty Mcdonald for such a great site!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

TODAY - FREE Snow Emergency ALERT App.

The City of Saint Paul announced the launch of a FREE Saint Paul Winter Snow Parking App TODAY. The Saint Paul Winter Snow Parking app provides notifications when snow emergencies are declared; information on when and where people need to move vehicles; an interactive map showing where people can and cannot park during all phases of the snow emergency; basic snow emergency parking rules;  towing; and contact information for questions.

All residents and guests of Saint Paul are encouraged to download the Saint Paul Winter Snow Parking app to ensure they are in compliance with Saint Paul’s Snow Emergency parking guidelines this winter.

The Saint Paul Winter Show Parking app is available in both English and Spanish, and provides a link to snow emergency information in eight languages.

“We are always working on ways to improve compliance during snow emergencies in order to reduce ticketing and towing,” stated Saint Paul Public Works Director Kathy Lantry.  “Better compliance results in faster and better plowed streets for everyone. The Saint Paul Winter Snow Parking app provides us with another tool to communicate with all people who live, work and play in Saint Paul.”

The app guides users through a snow emergency by sending notifications when the snow emergency is declared, one hour prior to night and day parking restrictions going into effect, and when snow emergency parking restrictions have been lifted. The app also allows the City to send other important information to smart phones during a snow emergency.

The launch of Saint Paul Winter Snow Parking app is another innovation the Department of Public Works is implementing to improve compliance during snow emergencies. The City currently offers SnowAlerts via email and text messages in 4 languages.

Visit the Apple or Android app store or to download the app for your Apple or Android phone.

Make sure you don’t get towed this winter by downloading the FREE Saint Paul Winter Snow Parking app.

Minutes from the January 25 Board Meeting...

Presentation/Discussion – Red Rock Corridor Update – Lyssa Leitner (Washington County and project manager for Red Rock) provides a little history on the Red Rock Corridor and its original idea of using the existing rail track for commuter rail.  She notes that the idea has changed and explains the move over to Bus Rapid Transit (BRT), what that is and how it works.  She notes that BRT would operate in addition to the current express bus routes but would be more convenient for more people than the current bus service, providing all-day service in both directions along the line.  She discusses the possible stops and how the system and implementation would work. There are two alternatives being considered for alignment. One of these would connect with 3 additional stops on the east side - at Etna, Earl and Mound Blvd.

At this point Ms. Leitner asks for questions – Will the BRT leave Hwy 61 for the stops.? Yes.

She moves her talk to the Lower Afton Site.  The site is difficult to expand with Indian Burial Mounds to the immediate south and park/wetlands to the north.  She asks for questions.

Comment from attendees that scaling back Gateway and Red Rock from LRT to BRT has cascading effects on economic development and that St. Paul is getting the short end of the mass transit investment dollars versus Hennepin County which will see long term development benefits.  L. Leitner talks about the cost effectiveness numbers of rail in our current funding systems.  That funding system makes LRT unworkable from the funding perspective under the current environment – there are too few projected riders for the cost that would be involved with light rail.

What is the difference in cost between LRT and BRT?   Gateway Rail was $1 Billion, 2 Lanes of BRT was $500 million.  The Red Rock Proposal is about $45 million.

Is there an immediate solution to the pedestrian problem at the Lower Afton park and ride?  There are no immediate plans but better signage or markings might help.  Metro Transit knows that it is a problem and she recommends that more people notify Metro Transit to see about enticing them to do something.  She will also mention it to their staff at her next meeting with them. (NOTE: this contact has been made and Metro Transit is looking into options.)

P. Sawyer asks the D1 board members to stand for a moment so that attendees will know who is on the board.  He then brings up County Commissioner Jim McDonough. 

Boys Totem Town – J. McDonough provides an overview/history of the Boys Totem Town issue and needs.  He introduces several folks that are with him tonight from Ramsey and Hennepin County:  John Klavins (head of Corrections), Keith Lattimer (head of Boys Totem Town) and Chris Crutchfield (Corrections Communication officer), Angela Cousins (Hennepin County project manager), Keith Allen (Ramsey County project manager).   J. McDonough believes that we will get to a joint Hennepin/Ramsey site at a new location.  We still have 3 to 4 years before the site would be vacated. He believes that “unless there is a real hiccup, we’ll be leaving (the current) site.”  He reiterates that Ramsey County will work with the city and the community to determine what to do with the current site when it is vacated.

Sheldon Johnson reiterates Commissioner McDonough’s comments on involving the neighborhood.  B. Leach also announces that D1 will be working with interested neighbors going forward. 

Several different ideas are espoused as to what should/could happen at the site.

Which school district will be chosen to provide services/how will that work at relocated facility?  Usually the partnership is with the school district where the facility is located.

There are some concluding comments and P. Sawyer thanks everyone for attending and adjourns the meeting at 8:16 pm.

Saint Paul seeks INPUT on Police Chief Selection!!

Here are multiple chances to influence how our city's police department is run...

The City of Saint Paul is seeking COMMUNITY INPUT on the next chief of police.  Please participate in the online survey and share the website.

 You are also invited to attend two separate CANDIDATE FORUMS, where you can ask questions of the top five finalists recommended by the Police Chief Selection Committee for the position.  Join us!
                                                               i.      Tuesday, March 29, 2016, 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Central High School Auditorium, 275 Lexington Parkway N, Saint Paul
                                                             ii.      Thursday, March 31, 2016, 6:30 – 8:30 PM
Johnson High School Auditorium, 1349 Arcade Street, Saint Paul

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Red Rock Corridor Seeks Input

Public feedback is requested on the recommendation of the preferred route ( #2 ) for Red Rock Corridor. Provide your feedback in person at the January 13 Open House at St. Paul Park City Hall, 5-7pm, or contact Lyssa Leitner or 651-430-4314. More info can be found here on the routes:

The preferred route would connect to the Gateway Corridor Line along I-94 at the Etna station.

This transit project would provide day-long service by bus rapid transit between Union Depot and Hastings, with a stop in District 1 at Lower Afton and Highway 61.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Hazardous Waste Site Winter Hours

String lights that don’t work? Containers with used oil and filters? Leftover paints and stains? Bring these and other unwanted chemicals to our FREE household hazardous waste collection at 5 Empire Dr., St. Paul. Winter hours are Fridays 11a to 6p and Saturdays 9a to 4p.